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Kristallklar - A Fly Fishing Film (Official Trailer)
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A Fly Fishing Short Film.

Kristallklar tells the tale of a hidden river holding wild brown trout near the border of Luxembourg and Germany. Find out about this magical river from the perspective of Kirill, who recently acquired the lease to the fishing rights of the river and a small tributary thereof. 


It captures the essence of a fly fishing adventure on the river embarked on by Kirill and two companions: Nic, a fly fishing scientist and myself, Simon the film maker.


The journey is a beautiful one and tries to capture the feeling of the magnificent surroundings and being at peace on the river. It also delves into topics of conservation of nature and the plans to re-stock the river with native crayfish which vanished from the river.


A lot of love went into this film and I hope it inspires those around the world to find a love for the outdoors and to preserve it for many years to come.

Runtime: 14m52s

Official selection, Rise Fly Fishing Film Festival 2022


This beautiful private stream is located in Western Germany. Tucked away from the world. The water is home to wild born trout and the land home to animals of the forest.

This unreal fishing experience in the area pictured in the film is kept a secret but may be fished by contacting Kirill.

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